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Friday, April 25, 2014

How To Take a Screen Shot on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

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A reader asks, "How can I take a screen shot of the game Panfu Jumper on the iPad?"

You might be surprised how easy it is to capture a screen shot from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in iOS without having to install any third-party apps. This allows you to create a picture of anything displayed on the screen, no matter which app you have open.

By taking a screen shot you can forever preserve an image, quote, or hilarious IM conversation. A screen shot can give you proof of an amazing feat in Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, or any of your favorite games and apps. I use screen shots on iOS for all sorts of things, and no doubt you will find many uses for capturing screens on your iDevices, too.

The screen shot is automatically saved and then you can share it by email or post it online.

You will need iOS version 2.0 or higher for this trick.

To capture a screen shot in iOS, simultaneously press the home button and the lock button.

You will probably need to use two hands to coordinate the button presses. If you have trouble, try this:
  1. Press and hold the lock/power button (the switch on the top edge of the device).
  2. While the lock button is held down, press the menu button (the main button below the screen).
Note: You can also hold the menu button and press the lock button, but the goal is to press the two buttons simultaneously. Do whatever is easiest, but if you keep both buttons held down too long, you will get the power down confirmation, and if you hold the main button for more than two seconds you will get Siri.
Your screen will flash white for a second and make a camera shutter noise (if you have the volume turned up) to indicate that the screen shot has been taken. But where is it?

The screen shots you take are automatically saved in the default Photos app under an album called "Photos," "Saved Photos" or "Camera Roll" depending on your device and iOS version. From here you can email one or more screen shots or other pictures, by clicking the action icon (a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it). Clicking the action icon from a single picture will email the one image. If you click the action button from an index page, you can select multiple pictures to email.

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