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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Setup VPN on iPhone 5

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  • Step 1 - Find and tap the Settings icon within the interface of iPhone 5. 
  • Step 2 - Press General, then Network and then Click on the VPN. 
  • Step 3 - Go to “Add VPN Configuration” and choose PPTP. 
  • Step 4 - Fill within the needed specific VPN data. These include: 
  • Description – selecting the VPN connection name you wish (any one you like) 
  • Server name – Given by your VPN supplier 
  • Step 5 - Set the user name and countersign equipped by your VPN supplier. 
  • Step 6 - piece the RSA security ID to “Off” and certify the encoding level is about to “Auto” 
  • Step 7 - Set “send all traffic” to “On “ 
  • Step 8 - Save all changes and come to the house screen 
  • Step 9 - Tap Settings once more. A VPN slider ought to have already appeared. Slide the VPN tab to “ON” 
And here you are enjoying most secure and entertaining ride on the internet with iPhone 5 VPN.

How to Setup VPN on iPhone 4

  1. Tap on your iPhone Settings Icon. 
  2. Tap General>> Network>> VPN. 
  3. Now you’ll notice associate degree choice to assemble a VPN association named “Add VPN Configuration”. 
  4. Choose PPTP, I’ll allow you to comprehend the L2TP setup, later during this post. 
  5. Simply, add your VPN configuration being provided by your VPN Service supplier. 
  6. Description is just the Name that you just wish to relinquish to your VPN association. Name it no matter you would like to call it. e.g. Bestvpnservice.com. 
  7. Now Server name is merely provided by the VPN service supplier. It’ll be like “connect.bestvpnservice.com”. Don’t attempt to place this as your server name, it won’t work. It’ll solely be provided by your service supplier. 
  8. Just like your Server Name, Your Account Name and countersign will be provided by your VPN Service supplier. 
  9. When adding the data in these 3 fields. Set your RSA Secure ID to Off. 
  10. Set your encoding level to automotive vehicle. 
  11. Set, “Send All Traffic” to “ON” 
  12. Save the Configurations and come back to the house Screen of your iPhone. 
  13. Tap your Settings all over again and currently magic! You’ll see VPN Slider Tab additional to your settings, slightly below your local area network Tab. 
  14. Set it to ON. You’ll have your VPN up and running.

Setting up VPN on iPhone is quite simple. Its not difficult or technical as many of you think. You can see the easy setup of VPN on iOS and iPad by visiting the reference site.

Source : spiceworks